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TheRon Ltd.Company was established in 1959 and for years now has beenimporting, producing and marketing devices for pest monitoring, prevention and control. The Company specializes in providing advanced, comprehensive solutions in the field of pesticides, for wholesale as well as for private customers.

The Company’s staff of employees includes some of the most senior and leading professionals in the field inIsrael, who are updated on an ongoing, regular basis of worldwide developments and innovations in the field of pesticides and who participate in international, field-related conferences and shows.

Our customers benefit from initial exposure to high quality products of the highest world standards, in wholesale, reduced prices.

The products are marketed only after a scrutinized inspection made by the field teams and after their effectiveness was demonstrated.

The Company has production facilities in the country and extensive, long-standing connections with overseas production plants and companies that enable obtaining effective and innovative products at minimal cost.

The methods and solutions provided by the Company are in accordance with all of the needs in the market, starting with pesticide companies and production plants, to municipal sanitation departments and through private customers.

The Company accompanies its customers from the time of the purchasing and all the way through implementing the means and applying them on site, while providing the customer with ongoing support and advice, as well as supplementary products for regular, ongoing maintenance.

Some of our customers include:pesticide companies, municipalities, local authorities, sanitation departments, industrial plants, marketing and retail chains, government offices, medical centers, malls, private customers and more…

We invite you join our customers membership club and to enjoy significant discounts on high quality products, as well as receive ongoing updates.


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